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Top 7 Humblebrags in Hadoop ecosystem

As the Hadoop ecosystem has evolved, so have the vendors providing various Apache Hadoop based solutions. Through the various conversations, presentations and flyers, you will tend to notice a pattern of humblebrags that come along in these. It is important to read between the lines, assess the real vendor capability and then take a contracting

Definition: (noun) “a humblebrag is basically a specific type of bragging that masks the brag in a faux-humble guise.”

1. Our Hadoop stack is more interoperable supporting more platforms than any one else.

2. We enable your Hadoop and Big Data cluster in production faster than anyone else.

3. We support all your data analytics needs right from customer sales at store to CEO presentation to board.

4. There are thousands of people trained on this technology with a huge skilled talent pool on the nascent technology.

5. We analyzed x billion records per day for ABC customer helping them save ‘n’        million $ per day

6. We provide Integrated Data capabilities with third party analytic tools through our huge array of connectors listed in Partners section of web site.

7. Our unique proposition for real time - integrated - complex event - resilient - scalable - unstructured data - stream - processing  relying on enterprise version - of - open source stack - in non commodity hardware - gives the most bang for the buck

As you read over the Top 7 humblebrag list above, if you felt a sense of déjà vu, well… all we say is act wisely and think smartly. You may reach out to your trusted partners while consulting on various options.

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