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Karmasphere - Ready for 2.0

Founded as a pure-play Big Data company focused on Hadoop and Cloud, Karmasphere today boasts of a community of thousands of Hadoop data professionals using its products. Also, more than half of enterprise showing interest in Hadoop have turned to Karmasphere according to a few unverified research figures.
Karmasphere Inc. recently announced Karmasphere 2.0, which focuses on self-service access to Big Data through a web-based social interface that facilitates team collaboration and reduces dependence on IT department.

Technical Specialities: 

Hadoop, web analytics, business intelligence, programming languages, compilers, architecture, mathematics, database 

Management Experience

Google, Yahoo, Ask, Ning, Omniture, BEA, Oracle, Sybase, Actuate, Apple, Zend, Intel, BMC 


Karmasphere 2.0
Karmasphere 1.8
Karmasphere for EMR

Key Selling Points:
- Increases Productivity for Data Analysts and Data Scientists working with structured and unstructured data in Hadoop
- Reduces Hadoop learning curve for developers developing MapReduce jobs


Amazon »

Karmasphere and Amazon Web Services offer Big Data analytics in the cloud to empower data professionals to jump start the analysis of unstructured data in Hadoop using SQL skills without upfront fees or long-term commitment. Amazon Elastic Map Reduce Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) is a web service that enables businesses,…
Cloudera »
By deploying Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH) in conjunction with Karmasphere Studio and Karmasphere Analyst, enterprises are able to quickly meet their big data needs with a familiar workflow in a powerful data environment. CDH is a cost-effective, scalable, stable and fully supported big data platform that allows enterprises…
Greenplum »
Karmasphere and Greenplum provide the Big Data Ecosystem a reliable and stable Hadoop platform for Karmasphere Analytics. Greenplum provides dependable performance in mission-critical environments, achieves two to five times performance improvement compared to standard packaged versions of Apache Hadoop and is easy to use with existing systems and tools. Greenplum…
Hortonworks »
Karmasphere and Hortonworks work together to further the ubiquity of Apache Hadoop. Through their collaboration Karmasphere and Hortonworks streamline the process of deriving Big Data Intelligence from Hadoop. Hortonworks Data Platform Hortonworks Data Platform, powered by Apache Hadoop, is a massively scalable 100% open source platform for storing, processing, and…
By working together to integrate IBM's implementation of Apache Hadoop with Karmasphere products, IBM and Karmasphere deliver a seamless out-of-the-box experience for data professionals. Together, Big Data Analysis and development on the IBM Big Data Platform is completed quickly and productively; increasing the ROI of enterprise Big Data projects. IBM…
Karmasphere and MapR work closely to integrate Karmapshere’s solutions with MapR’s Hadoop distribution, which emphasizes high availability, fault tolerance, and enterprise-class support and service. MapR MapR Technologies provides the industry’s most differentiated distribution of software including Apache Hadoop to allow more businesses to harness the power of Big Data analytics.…          

Quick Facts

19200 Stevens Creek Blvd #130
Cupertino, CA 95014-2530,
United States
Phone: +1-650-292-6100

Employees (All Sites) 13
Year of Founding 2005
Annual Sales (Estimated) $1.30M

Chariman: Martin Hall 
CEO: Gail Ennis 
Chief Financial Officer: Daniel Moskowitz 
CTO: Ben Mankin 
Vice President Engineering :  Abe Taha 
Director: Manish Jiandani 


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